Reliant International Pvt Ltd is a very prominent name in domestic as well s international food grains industry. The company was setup in the year 2014 with an aim to strengthen India’s agrarian economy and offering superior quality food products to clients across the globe. With commitment to this vision, the company has been able to expand its business across several countries in such a short time frame. The key factors responsible for the success of Reliant International Private Limited have been leadership, infrastructure and network.


Reliant International Pvt Ltd is marching under the able leadership our executive directors . Their vision to empower Indian agriculture sector by spreading its offering across the globe has been the main driving force of the company. Their vision and commitment to deliver the best food products has been acknowledged and welcomed by our partners across the globe.


The second and probably the most important pillar of success on which Reliant International Pvt. Ltd. has built its success story is its infrastructural strength. We have developed modern warehouses that are equipped with latest technology and advanced equipments that help in keeping the Whole Spices and food grains fresh and safe from any natural, climatic or pest related dangers. We also have reliable delivery network, which ensures delivery of best quality food products to our clients within defined and committed timeframes.

Delivery Network

Network is another success mantra that has propelled us among the trusted manufacturers and the most popular Oil Seeds Exporters and Food Grains suppliers from India. We have developed an extensive delivery mechanism that covers Middle East, Russia, UAE, US, UK and Australia. Our network helps us to understand the needs of our clients well in time and arrange for the same with help of well organized delivery network.